Outbound Integration

Outbound Integration

Create outbound integrations from Moogsoft to another system


Integrating Moogsoft with Datadog: Key Benefit Discussion


Adding Moogsoft to your Datadog-based monitoring ecosystem improves your workflow significantly. Watch this video to learn the key benefits.

If you'd rather read it, the voiceover transcript is available here.

Actual how-to demo is available here.

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Outbound Integration with Datadog


If you are a Datadog user who wishes to extend the intelligent correlation capabilities you currently have, Moogsoft is just the right product for you to add to your IT ecosystem. In this video, you will learn how to create an outbound webhook from Moogsoft to Datadog.

If you prefer reading to watching the video, an audio transcript is available here.

Documentation on this topic is available here.

Need a refresher on the key benefits of adding Moogsoft to a Datadog-based ecosystem? the video and an audio transcript are available here.

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