Moogsoft Onprem Installation and Implementation Workshop

Moogsoft Onprem Installation and Implementation Workshop


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The Moogsoft Onprem Installation and Initial Implementation Training provides an in-depth exploration of Moogsoft Onprem implementation topics and practices required for an initial solution implementation. The emphasis will be on Linux CLI-based installation, configuration, customization, and integration of the product, and the course assumes that all students have previously attended the Moogsoft Onprem Implementation Fundamentals course and have a thorough grounding in Moogsoft Onprem architecture and configuration/customization via the UI and Workflow Engine.

Please note that the course trainings use the name Moogsoft Enterprise instead of Moogsoft Onprem. They are both the same product and this training is still relevant to all versions.

For the Training deck for this self-paced training, please go here.


6.8 hours
1265 Battery St., San Francisco, CA 94111 | +1 415 738 2299