Moogsoft AIOps Administrator Training

Moogsoft AIOps Administrator Training


The AIOps Administrator Training provides an in-depth exploration of the AIOps administrator role, and shows students how to configure AIOps system settings, users, roles, and teams, dashboards, filtered views and integrations with 3rd party systems, all of which are accomplished directly from the AIOps user interface. The student will learn the entire AIOps data workflow, from event ingestion through Situation management, and will learn how to configure features and settings of AIOps that can be configured through the administrative options on the user interface. Self-monitoring and integrations with external tools and processes will also be covered. Note that the Administrator role does not include topics that require direct access to the machine via SSH. Non-UI customization and configuration of AIOps is covered in the Implementer training.

After completing this course, students will have the knowledge they need to administer a running AIOps deployment and they will understand the use of all AIOps system settings features available from the Admin UI.


This course is intended for students who will be responsible for understanding and changing the AIOps server-side configuration, or who will be implementing an AIOps deployment. Students will perform a number of hands-on labs via the AIOps user interface, and familiarity with the event management and production support processes is recommended.

Topic Agenda

  • Component architecture and data workflow
  • Detailed review of the user interface
  • Situation processing with the Cookbook sigaliser
  • Collaboration and automation settings: Creating Tools, ChatOps commands, and Hotkeys
  • Managing Users, Roles, Permissions, and Teams
  • Customizing the user interface with Filtered Views and Dashboards
  • Self-monitoring, component management, and other administration tasks
  • Duration

    2 Days

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