Moogsoft AIOps Operator Training

Moogsoft AIOps Operator Training


The AIOps Operator Training provides students with the knowledge and skills they will need to become productive users of AIOps. The course covers the entire Operator workflow with AIOps and emphasizes the use of the Situation Room to solve real problems faster. The course includes a number of hands-on labs in which students work with alerts and situations, and use the collaboration, automation, and integration features of AIOps.

After completing this course, students will have the knowledge they need to understand the basic functional architecture and features of AIOps, navigate the AIOps user interface, and work productively inside of AIOps to handle alerts and situations in collaboration with other operators or teams.


This course is intended for students who will be responsible for handling alerts and situations in AIOps.

Topic Agenda

  • Course Introduction
  • AIOps Functional Architecture
  • Exploring The AIOps user interface
  • The AIOps Operator workflow
  • Other Operator Actions
  • Available resources for further learning
  • Duration

    5 hours

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